Wednesday, 16 December 2015


The wide variety of School Sports on offer at Ardtornish are dependent on the outstanding assistance of parents. A large number of sports teams have been formed to support Year 3-7 students who have high interest and skills in a given sporting activity.

Our Sports Committee coordinator is Kylie Carter - Kylie can be contacted through the school.

All Teams operate under our CODE OF BEHAVIOURS read them here.

Students are able to join the following sporting teams

Netball - Naomi Wood Netball Coordinator (Parent)  - contact School

Football - Daniel Gehling (teacher)  - contact School

Volleyball and badminton - Lester Halliday (teacher)

Basketball - Parent co-ordinator: Sue Gosden - contact School

Pedal Prix - Leann Kean (Governing Council Chairperson)  - contact School

Dance Aerobics And Hip Hop - Katrina Eleftheriadis

The school participates in SAPSASA sport which allows students from Years 5 – 7 to be selected for District Representative Teams and possibly State Representative.

Swimming / Aquatics is a required part of the curriculum.

Water confidence and safety lessons, conducted by DECS swimming instructors, are organised to ensure students are reasonably proficient in swimming by the time they finish school at Year 7. These occur for students from Reception to Year 5.

For year 7 students the focus is on a range of aquatic activities, currently provided in an Aquatics camp.